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Hilton Food Group are an ambitious, entrepreneurial business with strong values and principles. Our reputation for excellence is what attracts people to stay and want to work with us.

Our belief in long-term partnerships has fuelled our growth both internationally and across food categories. Our growth enables our people to build careers on both a local, international and across category basis.?

We offer long-term career opportunities?and are committed?to our people’s development. Our people work like partners helping partners, focusing on shared agendas and agreed goals. These attitudes are key to our culture and to our business success. Our people set themselves the highest possible standards in everything they do.

The way we work is as important as what we accomplish. Our values are what attract people to our business and they are the reason people stay.

Our Ways of Working

Our Values


We commit to long-term relationships.

Our customers and our people trust us to keep our promises. We are committed to working safely and with regard to the wellbeing of others. All of this underpins our ability to deliver quality, reliability and sustainability.


Our people are passionate about improving everything they do.

We celebrate success and avoid complacency.
We aim for excellence across all disciplines in all markets.


We are open-minded, outward-looking and analytical.

We enjoy promoting insight and understanding. We are curious about consumer trends, shopper behaviour and the changing needs and priorities of our partners.


To fuel growth, we constantly seek out new opportunities and inspiration.

We explore swiftly and innovate with focus, delivering new ideas and commercial advantage for our partners.


We relish the hard work that contributes to success for our partners and our organisation.

We do not give up on our goals, always delivering on our promises. The extra mile is our distance of choice.

Our people work in many different roles within our factories, site and group offices. Below is just a sample:

Manufacturing, Engineering, Continuous Improvement, Logistics, Planning, Information Technology, Quality, Corporate Social Responsibility, Commercial, New Product Development, Human Resources, Finance, Procurement, Leadership.



Our future growth and development in recruitment

Our future success will continue to depend on our ability to attract, grow and retain the very best people.

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