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Our Joint Ventures


Based in?Santarém,?the ?manufacturing?site was built in November 2002, with the goal to supply?Sonae?MC stores with pre-packed fresh meat. ??

SOHI as a company launched in January 2017?as?a result of a?join-venture between?Sonae?MC, the retail market leader in Portugal, and Hilton Food Group, the European market leader for red meat and processed food.??

To support the business growth, the site was refurbished in 2013, with capacity significantly expanded and the latest technologies installed, including a crossdocking hub for the meat category to optimise logistics efforts.??

By investing with newest process technologies and an active R&D agenda, SOHI keeps ahead of the curve on consumer market trends and reshapes the product portfolio according to the market demand.?

With a crew of more than 600 highly skilled team members working 24/7,?SOHI?supplies all?Sonae’s?stores across the country on a daily basis.??

As main drivers for the business, SOHI keeps a strong focus in safety, continuous improvement, quality and innovation.??

By processing the finest?primals?from beef, pork and lamb,?SOHI?delivers into the market, MAP and Skin pre-packed meat slices as well as reformed and minced meat based products.?

With a value proposition levered in innovation, service and the highest quality standards at the most competitive cost,?SOHi?aims to become the market reference with a Pan-European reach for both fresh and processed meat.??



Founded in 1975 as a butcher’s shop in the Centre of Oss, Dalco evolved into a specialist in the production of meat products and meat substitutes, both vegetarian and vegan. In 2016, Dalco opened an additional production location solely for vegetarian and vegan foods in Oosterhout, facilitating the supply of excellent meat-free protein products.

With an open and honest approach, we promote long-lasting relationships with our customers that are the cornerstone of our long-term partnerships.

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