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Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand

The opportunity for the Hilton Food Group to further expand beyond the reaches of Europe and the UK was realised in March 2013 with the re-opening of the Bunbury Meat Centre in Western Australia. This joint venture with Woolworths Group, was designed to service Woolworths stores in Western Australia and established for the Hilton Food Group, its first Southern Hemisphere footprint.


In March 2015, further expansion was realised with the commissioning of the new flagship operation at Truganina in Melbourne, Victoria.

The Truganina facility provides a supply of premium quality and innovative meat products to Woolworths stores in the southern regions including Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, lower NSW and the ACT. In July 2019, Hilton celebrated the opening of the company’s most modern and technologically advanced manufacturing and logistics operation in Heathwood, Brisbane, Queensland. This facility meets the demands of Woolworths supermarkets northern supply chain.

To further strengthen Hilton’s existing relationship with Woolworths, construction has also commenced on a new Food Park facility in Auckland New Zealand.

This innovative site will process traditional meat protein as well as extended value including, poultry and seafood. Working as a team who love what they do every day affords the confidence to claim a unique level of category experience, customer insight, food processing and automated logistics expertise. Simply, the success of Hilton Foods Australia/New Zealand is based on a dedicated team of people, and on our ability to effectively interpret our customers' requirements in a receptive, innovative and timely manner.

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